Corporate Profile
A customer-centric company, Wared Lease & Finance specializes in innovative Islamic Sharia’h based financial and lease solutions that meet the unique need of customers fulfilling their dreams, helping them achieve their personal milestones and succeed in their business.
Ward Company founded in 2005 with a capital of 15,000,000 KD, WARED Lease & Finance is an offshoot of Investment Dar that builds on the success of its parent company by offering a wide range of financing and leasing solutions to customers at every stage of their life cycle.

Wared Lease & Finance has the financial resources, industry expertise, professional experience, in-depth product knowledge and comprehensive back office setup & collection center that gives it a distinct edge over its competitors.

The Company’s diverse range of products include a host of personal and business finance solutions, insurance, investment and operating leases. All of which are provided in an easy, flexible and customized manner.

Wared understands the importance of cultivating and nurturing customer relationships, and therefore is in a constant quest to develop newer and better products and services for its customers.

No matter what your personal or business needs are, be it now or through the years to come, you can always rely on Wared’s commitment to thoroughly understand your needs and then offer the most innovative and customized solutions that uniquely match your needs.